Winnunga Nimmityjah Health Services means Strong Health 

Healthy Lifestyle worker

Quit Smoking

As I’ve been in the position since November 2010, I’m still trying to find my feet as a healthy lifestyle worker. Trying to set up programs that benefit and hopefully educate people on the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.  I’m always on the lookout for ways to engage with the community and promote and educate on Health living.

As we all know, the Closing the Gap campaign is about trying to reduce life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians, at which my people are dying at an alarming rate.  On the government statistics it’s proven that Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people are more likely to die 20 to 25 year earlier then non Indigenous Australian.

That’s why they have set up a new work force of Healthy Lifestyle Workers and Tobacco Action workers to try and help close that gap.

I’ve got a few programs off the ground thus far, walking groups, set up an exercise program once a week for disadvantage kids and also started two Winnunga Touch Football teams that play in the ACT touch football competition. One is the Winnunga Possums a mixed touch football team (men &women) and the Winnunga Warriors.

This is our second week in the local competition and the Possums lost last week 9 to 4 and had a 6 all draw this week. The Warriors lost their first game 7 to 6 and we won this week 9 to nil (big effort from the boys).

The Winnunga Warriors have played in a few different events since January, Yass Touch football Knock outs and the ACT Charity cup to raise for the QLD flood victims.

Winnunga also has a Swim Gym program running with Lakeside Leisure centres at Tuggeranong and City pools. This is open to Winnunga staff that have an up to date health check although clients that don’t have a current health check can get one done. The passes will give you full access to all pool facilities, pool, gym, sauna and programs they run.

Also in partnership with RLSSA (Ngadyung program) we’ve put together an Elders swim gym exercise program running every Tuesday 9.30 to 12 pm just need to contact me to participate in this program. Clients also receive a $30 voucher to have a full health check.

The 26 May is the National Sorry day bridge walk, I’m trying to organise as many people as I can to meet at Regatta Point to show their respect and participate in the walk. Meet at Regatta Point at 1pm and walk across Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, there will be a bus to ferry Elders or people back to their cars on the other side of the bridge.

(People that want to join a walking group please let me know)

“Just think people it only takes 30 minutes exercise a day and that dramatically reduces the risk of Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes not a lot when you think about it!”

Ian Bateman

Healthy Lifestyle Officer