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Social Health

Winnunga Nimmityjah AHCS runs a number of social health programs and services, employing both female and male counselling and support staff:

Services offered include:

  • social and emotional wellbeing programs
  • substance misuse counselling, support and advocacy
  • Bringing Them Home counselling
  • child and adolescent mental health support and advocacy
  • carer support and advocacy
  • outreach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in custody at Bimberi Youth Justice Centre and the Alexander Maconochie Centre
  • a needle and syringe exchange program
  • a range of tobacco cessation services including personal advice, outreach, subsidised nicotine replacement therapy, and the No More Boondah quit smoking group
  • the Healthy Weight Program
  • healthy lifestyle advice and support, including exercise groups and healthy eating classes
  • a home maintenance program.

Groups run by the Social Health Team:

  • No More Boondah
  • Women's Group
  • Men's Group
  • Elders' Group
  • Healthy Cooking classes
  • Mums' Healthy Cooking group
  • Youth Diversion Program
  • Road to Recovery

The Social Health Team also runs health promotion campaigns and community activities. One of their main aims is to promote pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

For more information on the Social Health Team, or to access their services, please call (02) 6284 6222.