Smoking is responsible for one in five Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander deaths and is the most preventable cause of poor health and early death among Indigenous people.


Winnunga AHCS is committed to delivering healthy messages, programs and activities that support and encourage our community to make better lifestyle choices. Through education and information we can help to ensure our mob are aware of the risk factors that contribute to chronic disease with a particular focus on smoking, being active and eating healthy.

Winnunga AHCS offer health information sessions and stalls at events, schools and workplaces as well as referrals into our No More Boondah quit smoking program. Onsite at Winnunga AHCS we offer access to a range of programs including healthy cooking and sporting/exercise groups.

Winnunga AHCS has a smoke free policy which states that smoking is prohibited on all grounds surrounding Winnunga AHCS’s main building, car park and art room.

If you would like to enquire about our Tackling Indigenous Smoking Team attending your event, workplace or school please call us on 02 6284 6222 and ask for Chanel Webb, Tobacco Action Worker.

If you would like information about Winnunga’s ‘No More Boondah’ quit smoking program, call the Winnunga Social Health Team on 02 6284 6222.

Be sure to visit our Facebook page ‘Tackling Indigenous Smoking’ for the latest updates!